About the Author

Hello everyone! I’m Kyler. I’m a 26 year old trans woman living in northern Maryland. I’ve been gaming effectively my entire life. My father started off teaching me Magic: the Gathering when I was 7, and ever since then, I’ve grown up alongside games my entire life. I’ve been an avid fan of tabletop RPGs since middle school, and I’ve been playing video games about my entire life.

Playing games doesn’t mean you know how they work, though, so let me give you some background in that. I’ve been a level 1 judge for Magic: the Gathering since 2010, and I’m well on my way to my level 2 certification. I’ve designed the core rules for a number of games, and I was considered for a game designer position at Wyrd Games. I was also the assistant manager at a local game store for a number of years, and that’s given me plenty of time to expand my breadth of board game knowledge. These days, I don’t get to game as much, but it’s still definitely a big hobby of mine and I love to talk about it!

Crit the Books started as a few conversations between my friends about game theory as a whole. They always were interested to hear my views on gameplay, since I had such a history with games in general. Eventually, I decided that a lot of these concepts weren’t really covered well in a lot of gaming media. So, I decided to fix that! Crit the Books is my way to spread my knowledge on gaming and help other people who are interested improve their gameplay as well.

You can support me on my Patreon, and you can find me on twitter at @CritTheBooks!